A DIY tutorial… how to make a flower circlet

Hello All,

I hope your Tuesday was a good one (at least Monday is over) I am sharing with you my first ever do it yourself post so I hope you like it and maybe even find it useful. Flower crowns are a real trend at the moment amongst weddings and there no longer associated to just being worn by little flower girls (although they do look adorable) with lots of brides opting for a flower circlet as the ultimate bridal accessory especially amongst brides having a rustic/boho theme wedding.

So what ingredients will you need?

To make a small-sized flower crown (it fits my head which is rather small) you will need…

  • Fine silver wire (32 gauge)
  • Medium weight wire (56 or 71 gauge)
  • 1 reel of florist tape
  • Scissors
  • 2 stems of lisianthus
  • 5 stems of anemone
  • 5 stems of senecio cineraria
  • Sprigs of eucalyptus (20 approx)
  • Sprigs of pittosporum (10 approx)

Step 1

First cut all the flowers just below the head but leaving enough of the stem to wire each piece, as both the foliage and flowers for this design are all rather delicate I would suggest using the fine silver wire for both.

All prepared and ready to start wiring...

All prepared and ready to start wiring…

Step 2

Begin wiring each flower, take the wire and push it through the stem then pull down both ends of the wire so parallel to the stem. Take one side of the wire and gently loop it round the stem bringing it straight again with the other piece to leave long on both sides.

Step 3

Once finishing the flowers begin wiring the foliage, take the wire and this time bend it in half to form a hook and place the ‘hook’ part around the stem of eucalyptus/pittosporum then take each end of the wire and loop it around the stem bringing it straight again with the other piece to leave long on both sides, continue to wire each stem of foliage.

Step 4

Take the florist tape and cut a piece off (approx 15cm long) starting just underneath the head at the point where you inserted the wire, begin wrapping the tape around the stem pulling it as thin as possible as you wind it around the wire. Do this all the way down to the end ensuring that none of the wire is on show. Continue using the same method to tape all the flowers and the foliage stems.

Step 5

Cut a piece of wire for the base of the circlet, measure the head of the wearer and add 2cm extra at each end for the hooks which will hold the circlet together. I’d use a sturdy 71 gauge wire or maybe even wire two together to provide extra support, then tape the wire.

Step 6

Begin to neatly tape on each of the ingredients, as you add the flowers or foliage alternate them on either side of the wire this gives a more natural look, work your way along the wire.

flower crown prep2(1)

Step 7

Each flower or foliage should be placed so it’s ‘growing’ away from the central vein, remember to cut down any wires that are too long as you tape on an ingredient.

flower crown prep3

Step 8

Finally gently bend the circlet into a circular shape, hook each end together and its ready to wear!

Ta-da! The finished flower circlet..

Ta-da! The finished flower circlet..

Top view and my lovely mum who voluntered to model for me

Top view and my lovely mum who volunteered to model for me

I'm not the best infront of the camera I admit!

I’m not the best in front of the camera I admit!

I hope this post has inspired you to have a go at making your own flower circlet, I for one can’t wait to create more flower crowns this year!

Joanne xx


Mother’s Day..

I can’t believe it is nearly mother’s day again! Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in March, April, or May. It complements Father’s Day, a celebration honoring fathers.

Last years mother's day bouquets

Last years mother’s day bouquets

Last years mother's day bouquets

Last years mother’s day bouquets

This year in the UK mother’s day falls on Sunday March the 10th and we are doing two beautiful designs that we have decided to name. In keeping with the current trend in flowers of thinking back to times gone by and all things vintage…we have the bouquets Elsie and Edna (both named afer two of my great grandmothers) one of them I am lucky enough to say is still alive and amazing for her age at 96!


Made up of pink and lilac spring flowers

Elsie Bouquet

Elsie Bouquet


Made up of white and lemon spring flowers.

Edna bouquet

Edna bouquet

Both come complete with pretty packaging and special mother’s day bouquet card for your own personal message. Available in small £25 and large £35 including free local delivery! Email jtfloraldesign@gmail.com or call 07957414208 to place your order with us. Any enquiries just ask

Joanne xx

A day in the life of a florist… Valentine’s Day!

Hello lovelies,

It’s been a little while since I wrote to you all & I want to make updating the blog a regular thing on my to do list. So last week was Valentine’s Day one out of the busiest days of the year in the floriculture industry alongside Mother’s Day. So I thought I would give you a peek into what my day involved….

Wednesday 13th 6.00 am

I arrived at my flower wholesalers after dragging my tired self out of bed, I needed to get to the market particularly early on as I currently wear two work hats so had to leave enough time to collect the flowers before starting work at my other part-time job. When I got to the market it was crazy! The guys down there were all rushed off their feet and I have never seen the wholesalers packed with so many flowers of course the majority of these were red roses but the vast quantities overall was very impressive to see.

7.30 am

I arrive home and have just enough time to cut all the flowers and foliage at an angle (this allows them to absorb the water more easily) and put them in buckets of water until I arrive home from work later that day to work on them.

8.30 am

I have breakfast quickly and head out the door to start my day at work.

5.30 pm

I arrive home from work already feeling exhausted wondering how an earth I am going to get all these bouquets finished in time for delivery tomorrow! However the thought of working with the beautiful flowers spurs me on to get started 🙂 I begin by conditioning each individual flower. The red grand prix roses that I was using all come with leaves and sharp thorns that need to be stripped way from the stems and yes I did manage to cut myself a few times on the thorns whilst in the process of doing this and lets just say… ouch! The main reasons for this needing to be done is because 1.) You can’t hold the stems of the flowers with sharp edges and leaves getting in your way means that you would not be able to create the bouquets 2.) Any leaves that are not taken off that sit below the water in an arrangement will cause the water to turn dirty quickly and hence the flowers won’t last as long 3.) The design won’t look as pretty with sharp thorns on the stems (arguably you could say it depends on the look you are going for but in this case I would say its best to remove them).

What all florists should have according to Steve - a toolbox!

What all florists should have according to Steve – a toolbox!

Half way through the night the bulb in the room blew, luckily there were candles on hand so I could carry on working.

7.30 pm

I am still conditioning the flowers…. 100 roses takes a while to do!


Smooth as velvet

8.00 pm

I have now finished conditioning all the flowers and foliage and clear away the rubbish ready to start making. With the help of my glamorous assistant (my boyfriend Steve who really is an absolute star!) we begin doing the prep work for packaging each of the bouquets this involves cutting all the cellophane into metre squares (ready to make into aqua packs but more of that later) and lining all the gift bags with pretty tissue paper. It’s often all the prep work that can take up the most amount of time!

9.30 pm

I made the first of our Valentine’s bouquets 🙂 this year I still went for the classic red roses and I only use grand prix roses as personally I think they are just exquisite, their deep red colour, velvet like texture and the petal shape are just stunning. As I try as much as possible to use flowers that are scented as for me this is one of the many reasons why you can’t beat natural fresh flowers and this year the scented flower was a beautiful deep red freesia, which had a slight pink tinge to it and it smelt divine! So the bouquets were a mix of beautiful red grand prix roses, freesia and a combination of foliage that included salah, eucalyptus and Pittosporum.


After I have created each hand tie a water bubble is then made using the cellophane squares that we had cut previously that evening. These are constructed by holding the bouquet in the centre and gathering each of the corners together followed by the other sections and tieing securely at the top to form a ‘bubble’ like shape. Other people might have different methods for doing this but this way works best for me, you then fill the bubble with water using a watering can each one was then passed onto my glamorous assistant to place in each of the bags.

Our St Valentine's Jam Jar

Our St Valentine’s Jam Jar

This year as well as the gift bouquets we also had our St Valentine’s jam jar design, the one above was snapped just before it went out for delivery. Another design to add to the growing collection, click the link to find out more about our jam jars.

Thursday 14th 1.30 am

I am now half way through making up all the bouquets ( I got an extra last-minute order which I needed to get done as well) and I am so tired that I can barely keep my eyes open so I decided it is time to get some sleep and finish off the others in the morning.

6.00 am

Up bright and early again, I have breakfast and  continue making up the rest of the bouquets in time for them to start being delivered.

9.00 am

I add the finishing touches this includes adding one of my business cards to each bouquet as well as writing out the lovely Valentine’s messages on our beautiful bouquet cards that we had ordered from the Signature Card Company but wait they still hadn’t arrived yet!! So I decided to get dressed and keep my fingers crossed that the post would arrive at any minute, apparently the random snow day that we had the week before had slowed things down at royal mail.


11.0o am

The cards finally arrive just in the nick of time and I head off to start my deliveries, where didn’t I go that day I think is the question! I had drop offs in central london, Kent and Surrey! I loved seeing the ladies faces though when I presented them with their Valentine’s flowers especially those who really weren’t  expecting any, it was lovely!

Valentine's Delivery

All packaged up and ready to go…

Valentines flowers

6.00 pm

I finally arrive home (although I did get stuck in traffic in Epsom which meant the journey took longer) with a now empty car feeling completely shattered but happy that this years Valentine’s day was fab! I spent the weekend catching up on much-needed sleep.

I am now preparing myself to do it all again in a few weeks for Mother’s Day 🙂

Thank you to all of you who purchased a Joanne Truby Floral Design Valentine’s bouquet I hope your loved ones were thrilled with it.

Joanne xx